Site Build It Review
The Perfect Website Building,
e-commerce Package

This website was built with Site Build It (SBI), a website building package that really works for me. It's a comprehensive, reliable site building, e-commerce package - probably the best on the market. If you would like your website to be ranked in the top 1 percent at the search engines, this is the package for you.

In my own quest to build a website, it took a couple of blind alleys and false starts with old fashioned website design options before I stumbled upon a Site Build It review. I knew nothing about website building, web hosting, brainstorming or internet marketing until I viewed SBI's comprehensive video tutorials, and tried out it's unique tools for brainstorming, researching, etc.

This package is an all inclusive e-commerce solution that teaches you the fundamentals for creating a profitable business and marketing it online. I shudder to think where I would be now without the video tutorials and endless advice given in the many forums - why re-invent the wheel?

One of the many things this package has taught me is that it is not prudent to monetise your site until you have loaded a particular number of pages, or received a certain number of unique daily visitors. With hindsight I can see the logic behind it. Luckily, this package provides tools for monitoring daily visitors and daily search engine activity. This type of information is essential for business strategy and planning.

The package also includes Wordtracker tools; web hosting; domain name registration; video tutorials; website templates; great suggestions for making money from your website; traffic analysis tools, search engine analysis tools, keyword analysis tools; numerous and comprehensive forums, and tools to help you investigate the competition. All of this at a very competitive price.

If you are thinking about making money online, you can't go wrong with this package. It's effectively an online e-commerce self-study course that incorporates website building. It requires no previous experience. As a novice, when you have completed the tutorials you will be acutely aware that you are light years away from where you started. Armed with all the necessary tools of the trade, you will feel ready to take on the competition.

SBI gives you a fighting chance at competing with the competition. As an SBIer your website is very likely to appear on the first page of search engine search results. This is due to the concise instructions given in the SBI tutorials that demonstate how to gain favour with the search engines.

I thoroughly recommend Site Build It - take a look at this video intro for an overview of SBI's tools and resources.

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