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My Shopping Genie - An amazing free internet price comparison tool

My Shopping Genie (featured on CNN) is a free price comparison application that works with major search engines like Google to return the lowest prices for products and services, whether you're searching for the product in your local area or further afield.

The Shopping Genie app is a valuable giveaway that your family, friends and colleagues will love. To download your own My Shopping Genie app for free click on the link below (no malware or spyware), then follow these instructions:

Go to:
- View the video (optional)
- Click in the top right hand corner of the screen on the button that says "Get the Free App".
- Write down the 5 digit code that's in red located next to "Your key"
- If you live outside the USA click on the button that says "International version CLASSIC Install the FREE 4.0Genie app". If you're in the USA click on the other version.
- On the next page click on the applicable button
- Install the FREE 4.0 Genie app.
- Click on "Run" and follow instuctions until app has been installed - it's fairly quick.
- Click on "Show Me How".

When you enter a search string in a major search engine, for example, Jadore "perfume", a white bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the word compare on the right side of that bar to compare prices. Check all the boxes provided in the box that appears and it will return 6 separate pages of search results (1 page for each retailer).

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