Welcome to; the home of expert EA advice, and an excellent resource hub for Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants. Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge EA and PA mentoring and training, and work with organisations around the world to upskill their support team in line with the expectations of a growing business. 

Our mentoring, training and development programmes are designed to show Assistants where to apply their mental effort and energy to get the best return on effort (RoE).

"Marguerita is the Wikipedia of the PA profession."

PA, London, England

Result-based EA/PA Career Mentoring That Delivers Results

Career mentoring is an effective way for Assistants to fast-track to an outstanding career. If you think about your PA career as similar to that of a star athlete, it will become clear that even with the right skill-set and attitude, and bucket loads of motivation, the guidance of an expert Consultant EA Mentor is the best way to maximise your strengths and talents.

We offer PA strategy mentoring and career mentoring programmes for Assistants at every level of the profession. Our programmes will help you to develop a leadership mindset and upgrade your  personal brand to prepare for the next level of career success. 

The road to success is always under construction, so if you are constantly setting career goals and abandoning them, our Consultant PA Mentor can help you map out your unique career path.

"Marguerita's skillful approach of the particular topics I lack in administration and organization grew me overnight thus being able to face my new challenge in the utmost professional manner."

Diana, EA, Switzerland


Job Search Mentoring Programmes for individuals and corporate groups 

In the job market you are a product; is your marketing effective? We can help you to showcase your niche and make it irresistible.

If you are facing redundancy or finding it difficult to get a job, we offer a comprehensive 4-week job search mentoring programme specifically designed for Assistants, as well as longer-term PA/EA career and job search mentoring.  Why not request our mentoring services as part of your outplacement employee benefits offered by your company as a courtesy.

"My coaching with Marguerita  has changed the way I approach my work. She has given me some excellent tips on time management, managing working relationships and making the most of my role.  I came away from the session with new-found enthusiasm and an eagerness to put into practice the advice she shared with me." 

Anya, Senior Administrator, London


Top-of-the-range Bespoke In-house EA/PA Training

We understand the duties, objectives, and unique skill-set of today's Assistants, and as such have developed premium training courses that create “platinum" PAs. Our 3-day EA Practitioner programme, our 2-day Advanced Executive PA Masterclass, and our comprehensive PA Excellence refresher course show Assistants how to thrive and excel in their role, and fully understand their objectives as Assistants. 

We will work with you to tailor our programmes to your organisation's needs and deliver them in-house at your offices. We are experts at upskilling executive support teams by engaging and challenging Assistants to go one step beyond the obvious. We also offer lunch 'n learn bite-size PA training for companies with a limited training budget. Each lunch 'n learn module can be delivered over a lunch period. Check out our in-house courses

"The case studies were a good way to make us think beyond what we would do as standard and endeavour to go one step beyond. It also gave a good insight into how the PA should/could be utilised." 

Alison, Moody's Investors Service, London

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Marguerita is a PA guru. The Advanced Executive PA Masterclass presents skills and tips that not only equip you in your role as a PA - but in every day life."

Jessica, PA, London

Consultancy Services That Create A Winning Support Team

For those situations where discovery and problem solving is the best strategy for improving the quality of the service provided by your Assistants, we can show your organisation how to radically turnaround unproductive working practices that hinder the strategic working partnerships of your support team and their executives. 

We will work with your organisation to:

- upskill individual PAs to reverse underperformance

- audit the skills and capabilities of your support team

- create best practice and common ways of working

- appraise directors on the effective use of an Assistant

- review and optimise support team job descriptions

"We now have a team of EA’s and executives who better understand the role of an EA and the importance of the relationship between the two parties. We would highly recommend Marguerita and her services."

Zoe, Company Secretary, InXpress, England


We hope you decide to embark on a programme of continuous professional development through our highly recommended world-class mentoring programmes and in-house PA/EA training courses. 

Please bookmark this site for future referral. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improving the service we provide to you.

Best wishes

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"Dear Ms King I have stumbled upon your website, during research w.r.t. PA related matters, and find it to be awesome. I feel that I do not need to look any further for information. Your website contains all that a PA/Secretary needs to know and MORE! In fact, I have just printed some material to read over the week-end.... Greetings."

Chantelle, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"Hello Marguerita: I've just spent a substantial amount of time reviewing your website and can only say one thing...AMAZING! Your insight into the needs of administrative professionals is absolutely mind boggling. Because I am currently updating my Virtual Executive Assistant website, the information you provide is right on time. Thanks for your willingness to be a valuable resource.

P.J. Davenport, Davenport Executive Services"

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is the gold standard of EA training

"The course was exceptionally run by the trainer. Would recommend it to any EA."

EA, Oxford

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"Marguerita is a very sincere and a confident mentor. She helps you to get to your goal by making them more specific and channelling your thoughts to achieving those goals. I am more confident and I have an effective job strategy, and a formula to take charge of my career as a result of the session with her. Thank you."

Ayo, Personal Assistant, London

"I am Business Intelligence - Assistant CEO, thriving reaching the position of Executive Assistant CEO. Marguerita's skillful approach of the particular topics I lack in administration and organization grew me overnight thus being able to face my new challenge in the utmost professional manner.'
Diana, Executive Assistant, Switzerland