Corporate International
Travel Planning

Corporate Travel Planning Checklist

Using an corporate travel checklist will make the logistical challenge of international travel planning and management less overwhelming for Personal Assistants. This travel planning checklist incorporates tasklists for organising flights, hotels, car rental, etc. It also includes useful links to sites showing travel advisories, world public holidays, and inoculation and visa requirements for overseas destinations. See below for further details.
Corporate Travel Planning Checklist

Discount Air Travel

Looking for ways to make more savings on discount air travel?

As a Personal Assistant you may be responsible for the travel budget, and charged with finding ways to save money. Do you know that you can make savings by contacting the airlines directly, as opposed to searching discount travel websites or contacting travel agents. This article on discount travel tips gives a number of suggestions on how you can save money with the airlines. More on discount travel>>

Travel Consolidators - What do They do?

Using a travel consolidator is another way to control the corporate travel budget. Travel consolidators negotiate high volumes of discounted tickets from airlines and sell them on at a discounted price. Some travel consolidators are owned by airlines. is one of the larger travel consolidators. More on travel consolidators

Sourcing a Travel Management Company

If you had to source a good travel management company would you know what to look for? Most of us would not know where to start. The main components would include service, tools, and affordability. For a list of the kind of things a good travel management company should provide see my article on travel management companies.

Private Business Jet Charter

Chartering a private business jet to ferry some of your executives to an overseas event may seem like a wild extravagence, but it may not be as expensive as you think. You may actually find that the facilities offered in the environment of a private jet offers your executives an opportunity to conduct business as usual, and therefore make good use of the time they spend together. More on private jet charter

Serviced Apartments - A Great Alternative to Hotels

If you are booking accommodation for secondments or extended stays, why not consider a serviced apartment. You could make a saving of up to 30% off the cost of an extended hotel stay. Serviced apartments provide more space and privacy. And creature comforts like satellite TV, DVD player, stereo, and broadband to create a home from home. So the next time you need to accommodate a VIP or find accommodation for a temporary assignment or secondment, consider a serviced apartment. More on serviced apartments

TripChill provides real-time automated Travel updates, as they affect your travel itinerary. It monitors flights, hotels, car hire, etc. and notifies the traveller of any changes or cancellations via text messages or email. More >>

A Second Passport for Frequent Flyers

If your boss is a frequent flyer, it makes sense to get him a second passport. This makes it easier for you to apply for visas for different countries without having to run too and fro to fit everything in before he travels. More on getting a 2nd passport


Corporate Travel Planning Checklist


Choosing The Right Seat

Flight Seat Plans

Choosing the right type of airline seat can make all the difference to comfort, particularly on long haul flights. Choose a seat that offers the maximum seat pitch available - an inch or two will make a lot of difference to productivity if your boss intends to use his laptop on the flight. Seat pitch varies from carrier to carrier, so if your boss needs to finish that presentation and arrive at his destination feeling refreshed, it's worth paying attention to this seemingly small detail. You should also consider the seat width - follow the link below for a sortable comparison chart. Seat Width Comparison Chart

Flight Seat Plans

Airline & Airport Codes

Guide to Airline Fees


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