Spice up Your Staff Meetings

Keeping the staff meeting light and informative is a good strategy, but if you want to create a buzz of excitement, find ways to motivate staff and get them in a “team” frame of mind. Show the boss you can think outside the box by suggesting some of the following changes.

Location, location, location!

Lighten the mood by moving the staff meeting to a nearby park on a nice day. You could also move the staff meeting to the company cafe and order in some nice pastries. If you can’t move the meeting to another location you could introduce a corporate theme to the meeting; decorate the room to suit, and hand out some corporate freebies.

Team building activities

Time is always limited at staff meetings so why not factor in additional time once a month and introduce a team building element to the staff meeting. www.wilderdom.com has an index of hundreds of team building games you can try.

Encourage staff to have a say

It's often the case that people do not actively participate at staff meetings because they believe their opinion is not valued. If this is true of your staff meetings, set aside a portion of the meeting for ideas and solutions. Divide staff into groups to create an environment that encourages them to speak freely. Then regroup and discuss the issues and solutions.

Drinks and nibbles

Hold the staff meeting at the end of the day; then head for a bar for a couple hours of bonding. Arrange with the bar beforehand to provide hot nibbles and put the nibbles and drinks on a corporate credit card. Not everyone will be able to attend but it’s a good opportunity to get the boss and staff interacting in a relaxed environment.

Adventure Team Building For Success

Adventure team building is a great way to offer a change of pace to your team. It provides an opportunity for the team to learn new skills and helps teams to bond quickly. It can revitalise and motivate a flagging or disparate team through activities like archery, rock climbing, kayaking, rock climbing, sailing, horse riding, camping, barbeques and more. For the best results choose the activity that best reflects your company's core values. Adventure team building activities are essentially corporate events but with outdoor activities and adventures. They are held in parks, convention centres and resorts, to name a few possible venues. Activities can last for a few days or for a few hours, and depending on the activity, can accommodate up to 500 people.

Successful adventure team building improves communication and leadership skills, and encourages problem-solving and decision making. Adventure team building companies can adapt their programmes to suit the needs of your company, in order to develop specific skills in the team. Not all adventure team building is geared to improving employee skills. Sometimes this type of team building is offered to employees as a reward for hard work, or for reaching a goal; therefore, it's also a great way to celebrate success. In this way, adventure team building is used to boost future team performance and ensure continued success. The bottom line is, adventure team building is a great solution for improving team morale.


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