PC Projectors Explained

PC projectors come in a variety of specifications, and most people know very little about them - this is certainly the case for many Personal Assistants. If you are tasked with purchasing a PC projector for meetings, then you should be aware of the many variables that will determine if a digital projector is right for your company. The following tips should help you purchase the right projector.

Firstly, note that if the projector will be mounted on the ceiling, it should be equipped with an inverted lens. This is standard for all ceiling mounted projectors.

Next, consider the resolution of the digital projector - this will dictate the clarity of projected images. The resolution of the computer monitor that will be connected to the projector should be the same as the resolution of the projector for optimum clarity.

Presumably you will use laptops to connect to the digital projector, so check the resolution of the most commonly used laptop in your company. For exceptional PC compatibility choose a PC projector with XGA resolution, but note that SXGA projector resolution is more effective with video and AutoCAD.

If you have a fairly large meeting room, consider the brightness of the projector. You may prefer to use the projector with the lights on, so it is essential that you opt for a projector with the maximum amount of brightness, as light from a projector decreases over distance.

The higher the lumens, the brighter the image will be. Projector brightness ranges from 500 to 2100 lumens. For a small room of 6 square feet, you may be able to get away with as little as 800 lumens. But for any room over 12 square feet, you should have the option of 2000 lumens.

Always request a demonstration at your offices, with the retailer demonstrating a number of digital projectors simultaneously.

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