Tips for Booking Bands
for Corporate Events

When booking bands for corporate events, the following issues should be considered.

Make sure the band will not be restricted to a particular sound level. Find out from the venue if there are any other events taking place at that time, or other businesses on the premises that might object to the sound level. Find another venue if there are likely to be restrictions on the sound level, as the performance of the band may suffer. Alternatively you could switch to another type of music with less acoustic demands.

Space Allocation

The band is usually positioned within the main reception room, so they need to be allocated a certain amount of space. Most bands require about 5m x 4m, with additional space for the sound check engineer and his mixing desk (about 2m x 1m). The sound engineer will be located on the opposite side of the room. Lighting for the band will either be placed in front of them or overhead, and PA systems are usually located either side of the band.
Setting-up time

When booking bands, decide if you want the band to arrive early. If you are having a sit down meal in the same reception room as the band and space is limited, it's better to have the band set up after the meal. A dance floor is usually laid down while the band is setting up. Make sure the dance floor will be adequate for the number of guests. Microphone, large mic, band equipment, stage equipment, Discuss setup times with the venue beforehand. Note that sound checks typically take around 60-90 minutes. Agree a finishing time with the band. Make sure it is within the limits of the venue’s entertainment licence. If the event runs over you may be charged overrun fees.


Reserve a parking space nearby for unloading the band’s equipment. If the reception room is down a long corridor or up flights of stairs, request a trolley or lifting equipment, and ask for exclusive use of a lift. Make sure that male members of staff are on hand to assist with the lifting, and factor in additional time for moving the equipment. Make sure there are 3 or 4 plug sockets free for the band to plug in their equipment. The sound engineer will need a 6ft long table with 1 or 2 plug sockets.

Waiting Room

When booking bands make sure band members have sole access to a comfortable changing room, with private toilet facilities close by. Agree with the band what food and drink will be provided, and if hot meals should be served in their changing room or in the restaurant.

Band members should not have to queue for drinks, so make sure there is some provision for this. Bands are usually given tea, coffee, mineral water, soft drinks and a hot meal. They may request extra items like towels, a clothes rail, a full length mirror, an iron, an ironing board, etc. The room should have sufficient plug sockets.


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