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Companies that are growing and transitioning often need a step-change in the way executives utilise the services provided by their support team. If your PAs are not operating at the level of "Administrative Business Partners" and your EAs at the level of "Executive Business Partners", it may be time for a bespoke approach to upskilling your support team. 

Personal-Assistant-Tips can get your executives and Assistants working together more collaboratively and productively with administrative infrastructure consulting. You are in the driving seat so we can support your business in any way to create a support team that is more fit for purpose.

- Explore executives' understanding of how to use an Assistant 

- Work with Assistants to assess the quality of support they provide 

- Introduce EA best practice

- Create a best practice hub for support team collaboration 

- Conduct an audit of PA skills

- Provide a 2-hour strategy training course for Assistants

- Create comprehensive surveys to assess progress

- Advise on creating a generic Assistant job description

- Make recommendations for future professional development

- Mentor a PA project-leader to take forward suggestions 

- Participate in a round-table Assistant problem solving session

- Conduct one-to-one performance enhancing Assistant training

About Our Experience

We have substantial experience of the PA/EA profession and proven techniques that will take your Assistants from "good" to "great". In addition to consultancy skills, we offer best-in-class advanced Executive Assistant training and consultant PA mentoring services to Assistants at CEO level and all levels of the profession. Therefore, we have significant exposure to the issues and challenges faced by the modern PA.

About Your Consultant

Our consultant is international PA expert Marguerita King BSc DipPA, founder of Personal-Assistant-Tips, PA mentor and speaker.  With over 25 years’ PA experience Marguerita understands the unique challenges faced by today’s Assistants. Maguerita has been described as “a PA guru” and “The Wikipedia of the PA profession”. Her solutions for moving your team and your business forward are effective and thorough. She has developed some of the best Assistant courses on the international market, and is a highly rated EA trainer, facilitating courses in major cities around the world, including, Johannesburg, Dubai, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur. Throughout her career Marguerita has written over 250 articles that provide advice to the PA profession; for publications, newsletters, and for Her teaching capabilities are rated as  “excellence”.

Why Clients Choose Personal-Assistant-Tips

1.   PAs learn from one of the best expert EA trainers in the world 

2.   Our consultancy services are priced to offer value for money

3.   Our client recommendations/testimonials speak for themselves 

4.   We strive to develop best-in-class PA training

5.    Our mentoring experience is substantial and effective 

6.    We offer FREE follow-up mentoring support

7.    We run a comprehensive EA resource website


"We now have a team of EA’s and Executives who better understand the role of an EA and the importance of the relationship between the two parties. We would highly recommend Marguerita and her services."

Zoe, Company Secretary, InXpress, England


"Marguerita is a PA guru."

Jessica, PA, London


"Having worked with Marguerita I am impressed with her deep experience and more so at the determination she puts in to give these 'alternative diplomats' (EAs) the skills and opportunities to amplify their roles and their bosses's effectiveness, as well as helping PAs become a world-wide community to support them, and help them grow their worth and salaries on an ongoing basis."

Chris Clarke, Chief Executive at Make Public, London


"Marguerita gave a phone consultation which greatly helped me in the development of new strategies for our company, Tempo. Thanks again, Marguerita!!"

Marina da Silva, Tempo, London

We Have Trained The Best

We have trained and worked with Assistants from the best companies around the world, so you're in good company. Companies include PwC, NHS, Marks & Spencer, BP, UNESCO, ING, European Training Foundation, E-On, Symantec, Provident, Roche, The Environment Agency, The Cabinet Office, Capital One, Alstom Energy, European Patent Office, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Moody’s Investors, and Legal & General, to name a few.


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"Dear Ms King, CONGRATULATIONS for your FANTASTIC website! I am absolutely impressed of the quantity and the quality of sound, useful advice you give here. Your website is referenced in a topic discussion in the LinkedIn website.....It is really a VERY, VERY GOOD JOB the one you have done here. CONGRATULATIONS and keep up the good job!"
Damian, PA, France

I love the easy style, packed with information set out in bite-size chunks, with good headings and excellent links. Check out the serviced apartment option - always a winner for the jaded business traveller staying awhile overseas. Travel pack list provides an excellent last-minute checklist to ensure the boss has all the essentials.

CLP Consulting, Bromley, Kent, England

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“Thank you so much - this was a very interesting experience that brought a lot of knowledge. Please don't change it."Anna, Executive Assistant, Capgemini, London“I picked up lots of tips that I can bring back to my job to add value going forward. Great couple of days - well done!!"

Annette, Symantec, Ireland


"My coaching session with Marguerita has changed the way I approach my work. She has given me some excellent tips on time management, managing working relationships and making the most of my role. I came away from the session with new-found enthusiasm and an eagerness to put into practice the advice she shared with me."

Anya, Senior Administrator, London

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"Dear Ms King I have stumbled upon your website, during research w.r.t. PA related matters, and find it to be awesome. I feel that I do not need to look any further for information. Your website contains all that a PA/Secretary needs to know and MORE!"

Chantelle, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

"Just came across your site - what a wealth of knowledge you have amassed!  I have signed up for your newsletter and hope you don't mind me using some of your advice in the future. Kind regards."

Angela, PA, Bath, England

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