Why Choose PA/EA Mentoring? 

Whether your Assistant is starting out as a PA, or a skilled EA strategist, professional guidance from an expert EA mentor with deep insights into the challenges of the Assistant role, is an excellent development resource that will help them to step up in their role and move forward in their career.

Executive offices should run seamlessly, like a well-oiled machine. Personal-Assistant-Tips will work with you to create a programme that delivers what you want. We aim to take PAs, EAs, Admins and Team Secretaries from good to great so that the executive's time can be freed up to do what they do best. If all PAs in your organisation go through our mentoring programme, your organisation has the right to expect their PAs to perform their duties well.

Career mentoring is an effective way for Assistants to fast-track to an outstanding career. If you think about your Assistant's career as similar to that of a star athlete, it will become clear that even with the right skill-set and attitude, and bucket loads of motivation, they still need a good mentor to show them how to best develop and utilize their talents.

The independent advice of a professional mentor will show your Assistant how to avoid falling back into old habits that are unproductive.  Our Consultant EA Mentor will address their challenges, show them how to increase their executive's productivity, and help them to plot a pathway to the top of the Assistant profession.

How We Can Help Your Assistants 

We can help your Assistants with issues like building a strong strategic partnership, improving their performance, transitioning into a more senior role, career planning, and personal branding, and much more. Our comprehensive Action Plans help provide practical goals and objectives that ensure that the executive sees continuous improvement as the Assistant progresses from strength to strength.

We also offer a very comprehensive job search mentoring programme that covers all aspects of the job search and interview process from the Assistant's perspective. If Assistants in your organisation are about to be laid off, a mentoring programme is one of the development courtesies that your organisation may be willing to finance as part of the Assistants' outplacement programme. 

Organisations will benefit from the increased productivity demonstrated by their mentored Personal Assistants.  Investing in a mentoring programme will also help companies keep the people with career potential.


Personal-Assistant-Tips offers the following mentoring programmes for Assistants. 

PA/EA Career Mentoring Programme 

(6 months: online and/or telephone, plus emails)

Career mentoring is an excellent development tool for Assistants, particularly if they have reached a “glass ceiling” in their career, or are facing new challenges. This career mentoring programme is a comprehensive 6-month programme that consists of six 1-hour online and/or telephone conversations, plus email assistance. Clients will benefit from a comprehensive Action Plan with assignments that develop their skills and thinking. This responsive programme allows Assistants to control a programme of real world development activities, and set career and productivity goals for objectives. As a sounding board that provides confidential support and encouragement, we can also work with you on the following issues.

- Strategic partnerships

- Performance & relationships

- Line management strategy

- Preparing for promotion

- Personal branding

- Pay rise & job title change

- Personal development plan

- Creating a Career portfolio

- Improving performance review scores

- Job search strategy


“I can thoroughly recommend this programme to any passionate, career driven EA. Marguerita is an incredible mentor and her experience and advice are invaluable. My confidence has sky rocketed since the start of the programme and I put this down to the empowerment I felt from Marguerita. She has been supporting, empathetic and patient in listening to my problems and challenges and manages to turn it all on its head - I’ve learnt so much from her. Thank you.”

Jenine, EA, England

Price: £600.00 (inclusive) 

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PA/EA Intensive Mentoring

(4 weeks: online and/or telephone, plus emails)

If you need intensive upskilling for a new job, or in preparation for a promotion, or you just need the advice and guidance of an expert EA mentor, this 4-week intensive programme is for you. It consists of four 1-hour online and/or telephone sessions, email support, and detailed Action Plans with assignments and development goals.


“Marguerita was extremely perceptive and able to read between the lines, which meant she was quickly able to pinpoint issues and offer valuable and practical advice. I would recommend her to anyone that is reaching a turning point in their career and needs guidance for making the step change effectively.”

EA, England

Price: 300.00 (inclusive)

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Quick PA/EA Strategies Session

(One 1-hour online or telephone session)

This mentoring option is ideal for Assistants on a tight budget, particularly those who are self-financing and need quick best practice advice and strategies for improving their performance. This is also a good option if you are looking for a new job with little success, and would like quick and effective strategies for getting and succeeding at the interview stage. This mentoring option consists of one 1-hour online or telephone session.



"Marguerita's skillful approach of the particular topics I lack in administration and organisation grew me overnight thus being able to face my new challenge in the utmost professional manner."

Diana, EA, Switzerland

Price £75.00 (inclusive)

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Personal Assistant Career & Job Search Mentoring

(4 weeks: online and/or telephone, plus emails)

 The most important strategy you can employ in the job search is "preparation". This is a process that should start as soon as possible if you are looking for a job or suspect that you may be looking for a job in the not too distant future. This programme provides short, sharp upskilling that shows you how to see things from the hiring manager’s perspective. Our Consultant Mentor will help you do the necessary groundwork that brings success. This programme covers the following.

 - Personal branding & career evaluation

- CV writing & cover letters

- Researching companies & business networking

- Interview questions, preparation, and process


Marguerita is a very sincere and a confident mentor. She helps you to get to your goal by making them more specific and channelling your thoughts to achieving those goals. I am more confident and I have an effective job strategy, and a formula to take charge of my career." Ayo, Personal Assistant, London


Per person: £300.00 (inclusive)

Groups: Contact us for special group rates


Bespoke PA/EA Career & Job Search Mentoring

(One-to-one or groups - online or in-house)

 We can create a comprehensive bespoke programme for your Assistants covering career and job search strategy. This programme can be delivered online with aspects delivered in-house at your offices where our Consultant can mentor and train groups of up to 8 Assistants face-to-face over a period of up to 8 months. Our programmes cover the following areas:

- Career mentoring

- Personal branding

- Professional networking

- Researching the job market

- CV writing

- Preparation for interviews

- Win-win negotiation

- PA/EA strategy training

- New business start-up advice



“I can thoroughly recommend this programme to any passionate, career driven EA. Marguerita is an incredible mentor and her experience and advice are invaluable. My confidence has sky rocketed since the start of the programme and I put this down to the empowerment I felt from Marguerita. She has been supporting, empathetic and patient in listening to my problems and challenges and manages to turn it all on its head - I’ve learnt so much from her. Thank you.” Jenine, EA, England

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“I really enjoyed the mentoring with Marguerita. I loved having a safe space to discuss the challenges of a new role and work through potential solutions. Marguerita had a lot of great ideas that I would never have thought of myself.”

“With Marguerita’s insight and helpful tips I was able to create a concise and powerful resume. I highly recommend her!”


Our Consultant PA Mentor is Marguerita King BSc DipPA. She is the founder and Managing Director of Personal-Assistant-Tips and a former Executive PA with over 25 years' experience. Marguerita has been called "A PA guru" and "The Wikipedia of the PA profession".


“I am passionate about increasing PA know-how. I currently live in London, England where I grew up. I remember the days when girls aspired to be secretaries and the skills that really mattered were typing speed, accuracy and tabulation. Much has changed in the PA profession since then, and PAs are constantly challenged to add more and more value to their business partnerships.

As a Consultant PA Mentor, I have worked with PAs at the top of their profession, as well as those who are just starting out. Assistants have a myriad of transferable skills, which gives them a lot more career options than they imagine. In the job search process, the trick is to know how to present those skills so that the type of jobs you can apply for is greatly increased. This will move you forward in your career.

 I have been keenly observing the job search sector for 10 years and have developed a good understanding of how Assistants should present their CV, and how they should demonstrate their attributes at interview. My understanding of the Executive Assistant role helps me to fully understand the kind of "pain" the Hiring Manager is trying to alleviate by creating a specific PA position, and this is what I bring to the relationship.

 When I started my career as a junior secretary it was easy to work my way up to senior PA roles. I tried other paths in my career after completing a BSc in psychology, which improved my capabilities. Today’s PA is well advised to aim for good academic qualifications; particularly as PAs and EAs are now expected to be strategic partners to their principals and assume more middle-management tasks.

 As a former Executive PA I am very aware that executives ask their Assistants to undertake tasks and projects that are outside their PA skill-set. This led me to create a website in 2009 specifically for Assistants, which I named Personal-Assistant-Tips.com. This website provides a one-stop information hub with over 100 articles for the PA professional.

 I have written and developed PA training courses, including “The Executive Assistant Practitioner Course”, and have delivered training in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East.“

Marguerita King BSc DipPA
Managing Director


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Whether you choose to present a business case to your executive or choose to present your case verbally, we can create a powerful business case for mentoring on your behalf, that will turn "no" into "yes". Click on the link below to view our suggestions for writing a convincing business case and contact us if you need assistance - free of cost - "no obligations".


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