Marketing Offline - the Basics

Marketing offline is real-world advertising. Many people jump into online business enterprises and neglect offline advertising opportunities to grow their business. A good mix of offline ads with your online marketing campaign makes good business sense.

1. Computer Related – When placing print classified or display ads, target magazines that have a computer related section, where possible. This will attract people with Internet access and email.

2. Lists – Purchase or rent postal mailing lists and set up regular direct mail campaigns. Make sure the postal mailing lists include email addresses, so that you can cross promote via email.

3. Commercial Spots – Check into commercial spots on local cable television. Prices vary, and you could get a bargain early morning spot and catch business people before they go off to work. Use a regularly scheduled program to target the same audience over and over.

4. Decks/Mailers - Advertise with other businesses in decks of cards or with direct mail packages. Make sure they are targeting your market.

5. Event Marketing – Create CD-ROMs, disks or DVDs about your product or services and distribute them at trade shows, workshops and other special events.

6. Post Card Marketing - Keep in touch with your customers using post card marketing. This method is not used by many businesses so post card marketing will help you stand out from the crowd. It also shows your customers you care, as you are prepared to go the extra mile. Send your customers special offers, and discounts for being premium customers. Make sure your postcard design is consistent with your business image. Use colour and photographs to increase the response rate.

7. Freebies - Give away free pens, pencils, mouse pads, note pads, yellow stickies, etc. that carry your website and contact information. Put your advertisement on mouse pads and give them away at computer or internet events.

How to boost your online direct marketing


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