Becoming a Celebrity PA / PA To High Net Worth Individual

Becoming a Celebrity Personal Assistant will take you down a different path to that of a corporate Personal Assistant. A career as a Celebrity PA can earn you as much as £70,000 a year and introduce you to an exclusive, jet set lifestyle. Apart from that, you can expect to eat in the best restaurants, get VIP passes to the best clubs and events, visit film shoots, spend time backstage at concerts, and attend movie premieres.

A celebrity PA is expected to dress the part, so a good eye for style and fashion is a must. Some Celebrity PA's are expected to buy luxury goods on behalf of their boss, so good taste and an awareness of the arts, architecture, design, antiques and jewellery are a definite plus.

Confidentiality is paramount in any boss/PA relationship and may be even more crucial when you are the confidante of an 'A list' celebrity, particularly as you may be with them 24/7. Confidence is also essential, as you can expect to interact with 'A-list' actors, rock stars, professional athletes, wealthy families, best-selling authors, politicians and aristocracy.

Apart from organising the boss, the typical duties of a celebrity PA are as follows.


executive personal assistant

- organising events
- organising travel
- booking appointments
- setting up meetings
- personal shopping (buying gifts)
- managing the household
- screening calls
- travelling with the celebrity
- managing fan mail
- managing the office
- negotiating

- tenacious
- assertive
- diplomatic
- self-starter
- enthusiastic
- confident

Attending a butler's course or a course on household and estate management will not only give you the necessary skills to work with very high net worth individuals but could also bring you into contact with people who know the right people, because knowing how to get hired as a Celebrity Personal Assistant is a job in itself.

The real challenge is obtaining the contact details of celebrities. Access to people who are part of the celebrity's network is one of the possible ways to get your foot in the door. A celebrity's network may consist of managers, agents, publicists, and lawyers.

In addition to employment agencies and advertisements, other opportunities to meet celebrities include networking, involvement with particular charities, and particular types of jobs that are likely to bring you into contact with celebrities. Eating, drinking and living in the right location will also increase your chances of meeting celebrities.

If you are serious about becoming a Celebrity PA, you will find the following publications useful for networking and etiquette.


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