TripChill ToGo -
An Automated Travel Assistant

TripChill is a solution for those who don't have the luxury of having their own Personal Assistant or virtual secretary to handle the logistics of travel.

TripChill is essentially an automated travel assistant that monitors and repairs travel itineraries. It provides real-time mobile alerts to warn of cancellations, delays, gate changes, flight arrivals, etc. Monitoring is performed before and during travel, so colleagues, friends and family will be informed of any changes to your flight status, etc.

The traveller will be alerted of changes to flights, hotels and car hire, and TripChill will even help you locate your car in an airport car park. Should your flight be cancelled, Trip Chill will alert you with a text message or an email containing embedded links of recommended alternative flights. This makes it easier to book an alternative flight, etc. from your mobile.

TripChill is helpful if you need to monitor connecting flights. It informs you that you will miss your connecting flight, and it will provide suggestions for alternatives. Contact TripChill for more information.

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